View Full Version : Inexplicable SB3 Classic Internet Radio Problem

2009-11-08, 06:21
Hi all

I have an SB3 that has been running fine on my wireless network to date - signal strength in the low to medium 80% mark, connected to my server which resides on my iMac running 7.4.1. and no interference from other wireless networks as we are in the country and well away from other houses.

I can play my itunes collection without problem, but when it comes to connecting to any of my favourite internet radio stations, or even retrieving RSS ticker it completely fails, whereas about a week ago this wasn't a problem. I've not introduced any new electronics into the house and I've checked my internet connection with my ISP and its running at about 4mbp (not great but pretty good for the English countryside).

I've tried rebooting, made sure I don't have my firewall on and have the latest software update....i'm at a loss what to do next...can someone guide me on what diagnostic steps I should take to resolve my issue.

The only clue appears to be a message that occasionally comes up about not being able to resolve an IP address...but to be honest I have no idea what this means.

Many thanks in advance.

2009-11-08, 09:20
Try rebooting your router (unplug it, plug it back in).