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2009-11-07, 16:48
My Duet and Radio will not play the 977 website stations.
They connect and seem to be getting info but don't play.

Mainly the 977 Comedy channel.


2009-11-07, 18:51
977 ch's, including Comedy Ch, play fine on my SB3. But my Radio won't play them then causes Radio to re-boot.
977 streams in mms format and there are currently issues with Radio and WMA/mms streaming.

2009-11-07, 20:07
How about the Duet?

2009-11-08, 04:58
How about the Duet?

I don't have one. But my Boom & SB3 play these fine.
I think the Controller and the Radio share a similar software code so maybe that's why both are having issues on the same streams?
You might try poking around the Duet forum for WMA & mms playback issues, I'm sure you are not alone.