View Full Version : Does VolumeLock plugin work on the Radio?

2009-11-07, 10:51
And, where is the "extras" UI menu item? I can't find
it, nor do I see a way to enable it on the home menu.

I'm running 7.5 and r8025.

Note: VolumeLock seems to show up fine on my SB2 via the UI.



2009-11-07, 11:33
Currently you need to use the SBS web interface to configure VL for Radio. Also, it doesn't completely prevent volume changes on Radio using Radio's knob or an IR remote (since Radio lets you change the volume "locally", without checking with SBS first); in those cases, VL simply quickly reverts any unacceptable volume changes. I need to write an "applet" for VL to work as seamlessly on Radio (and Touch) as it does on SB3.

2009-11-07, 11:54
Somehow, I didn't notice the SBS web controls; now I see them
and it works perfectly for what I need (a volume cap).

My family thanks you as my 7 year old can't resist the
temptation of the magic volume control and there is
only so much "Alvin and the Chipmunks" that I can take...