View Full Version : TV on Radio...wish list. Anyone?

2009-11-06, 14:37
I wish there were an app that funnelled TV stations' audio to our radios. I have been known to listen to TV in bed and enjoy the broadcast even though there was no video. I do not think it would be difficult to bring a service to our Squeezes that does this. I believe there would be a big market for this service. It may even exist and I do not know about it. Does anyone think this would be a good idea? Would anyone other than myself enjoy it? Could any company develope it (Direct TV for example)?

2009-11-06, 15:13
Variations of this have already been done.

The simplest one would be to have a Tuner card (Analog, cable, satellite) in the PC and use VLC to tune into a station and convert the audio stream into a http/mp3 stream. Then have SB tune into the http/mp3 stream.

2009-11-06, 15:58
I believe there would be a big market for this service.

I believe you'd be wrong. The market for all music streaming devices itself is currently miniscule. You're now looking at a super-small slice of that miniscule market with the idea to stream TV audio for listening without video.

Anyway, the technical aspects are easy to solve as has been pointed out. If you have a pc-based PVR you can likely configure it to stream audio over the network, either with the PVR software itself, a plugin or a third-party tool.

Even if you don't have a PC-based PVR, you can probably do this with a Sling Media product (makers of the Slingbox) to capture your A/V source and put it on the network. Then, just as mentioned, point your SB to the audio stream.