View Full Version : Have finally reached Squeezenox nirvana (for now at least)

2009-11-05, 20:54
My home setup has been stable more often than not, 95% of any problems were wifi and that seems to be working now. In addition to 5 receivers and a boom working flawlessly, I'm now streaming to my iPhone where ever I am, including in the car. Will admit I get a few drop outs - unavoidable on the AT&T service since my voice calls also drop out.

Using the stream.mp3 approach via Safari so I can have the music playing in the background, which is pretty much restricted to Apple apps. If anyone has stream.mp3 running in the iPhone iPod, I'd love to know how to set it up.

Now I just need a good excuse to pick up a Touch :)

2009-11-06, 06:08
Try the Squeemote app for the iDevice