View Full Version : tracks in playlist showup as different album...

2009-11-05, 20:42
Hi, hoping someone has seen this before.
I'm running a SB3, squeezeserver pulling the database from MusicIP. I have an annoying problem where all the songs in all my playlists shows up as a distint entry in the album list.

i.e, Frontera by Calexico is in my playlist. When I browse to Calexico on the SB3 (or with Squeezeserver) the album containing Frontera is listed twice, once with just that one track, and once with all the tracks on that album.

I checked the tags and they look fine. MusicIP and Foobar interfaces show no duplicate album...
I think SS thinks the playlist is pointing to a different music source or something...
please help me make this go away.


2009-11-06, 06:51
Have you double-checked that the drive/folder location of the two tracks is the same? I had a similar occurrence recently in which the "real" track had one path and the playlist track had another path. It was subtle to spot because a symlink (aka shortcut) was involved, so the paths both resolved to the single, unique file with that track.

2009-11-06, 08:17
I have a couple of duplicates where one copy is stored with the full filename (e.g. "05 Zojirushi (Theme for Gen).mp3") and the other with the 8.3 alias name (e.g. "05ZOJI~1.MP3"). Might have been a scanner glitch, or a side effect of importing from iTunes and also scanning the iTunes folder.

I'm afraid the only way to fix that is to remove the offending files from the library, run a scan, add them back, and run another scan.