View Full Version : Live365 and 8018 errors...again

2009-11-05, 15:52
After months of joy the Live365 "8018 your session is invalid" error came back on Tuesday.

I'm just venting and would like to know if anyone else is currently having this problem.

My usual procedures for fixing this problem have not worked this time. I refuse to uninstall and reinstall again.

My previous attempts to work with support got as far a getting a bug created. Unfortunately there wasn't enough interest for it to get any attention.

All other services work fine. Pandora, Slacker, Rhapsody, and podcasts still function.


2009-11-06, 11:39

The problem was present even if I went directly to the SqueezeNetwork.

Logictec's support answer was to reinstall from scratch. This was no longer an option. I was tired of reconfiguring all of plug-ins, display settings, and the like. I was to the point I would only do minimal customization for fear of this problem.

This time I followed this procedure.

Turned off all of my players.
Shutdown SqueezeCenter.
Delete the squeezecenter.pid
Shutdown the server.
Turn off the network switch.
Power cycle the Comcast modem. (Left if off for 5 minutes. Wanted to make sure I got a different IP address)
Turn on the network switch.
Boot server (SqueezeCenter starts on boot)
Import favorites.opml
Play Live365 stations again.