View Full Version : how to play podcasts on Duet

2009-11-05, 10:20
I am trying to figure out how to play podcasts on Duet
Where do I submit the link ?
I have enabled podcasts plugin but I am not even sure it is compatible with the current version or with Duet because I don't see any signs of the plugin on my controller

thanks a lot

2009-11-06, 06:36
If you're running 7.4.1 you should see a tab for Podcasts on the Server Settings page of the Squeezebox Server Web UI - look between Plugins & Advanced.

On the controller, the Podcast Player should show up under My Apps when the Podcast Plugin is enabled. You might also want to check out Mediafly and the Mediafly plugin, a nice central location for many podcasts.

If you're not seeing these - please bounce back with the version of Squeezebox Server / SqueezeCenter.