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2009-11-04, 20:27
Squeezebox radio V7.4.1 r7915.

In folder view, it consistently plays the wrong song. I select one song with the dial, and one of the songs next to that one gets played.

Any ideas here?

2009-11-05, 01:08
with "folder view" do you mean the view where you scroll through the album art similar as on the iPod?
if thats the case then I've got the same problem => the SBR always selects a wrong album
I'm not in front of my SBR at the moment - just know that it is either the album to the left or to the right of the one that I selected

anybody else who has the same issue?


2009-11-05, 09:39
I posted about this in an earlier thread,

The further down I move in the folder list, the further back the item played is from the one pressed.

I have never found it playing a later item than the one pressed.

2010-01-23, 00:44
Just wanted to chime in and say that I was having a very similar issue with my Duet.

I have come up with a very good work around:

Use the "Custom Browse" plug-in.

Using this plug-in I can now browse my playlists/albums/etc and select any song and the Dues plays that song.

I have been so happy with this work around that I have removed "My Music" from the Home Screen and replaced it with the "Custom Browse" menu.

Works pretty much the same as the original interface, has more features, and actually plays the song you select.

Hope this helps someone else!