View Full Version : Warranty information for Radio? Typo.

2009-11-04, 14:16
I just noticed an error (I think) in the advertized warranty information for some products. The new SB Radio is listed as only a 1 year warranty. This no doubt is a typographical error...right?

2009-11-04, 14:19
Advertised where? The product specs on this page on the Logitech web site clearly says 2 years: http://www.logitechsqueezebox.com/products/squeezebox-radio.html#tab2

2009-11-04, 17:13


Squeezebox™ Radio

Warranty Information

* 1-year limited hardware warranty

Package Contents

* Wi-Fi Internet radio
* Power adapter with removable plug
* Line-in cord for most iPod and other MP3 players with standard 3.5 mm jack
* 1-year limited hardware warranty

2009-11-05, 02:31
I worked in the head office for the largest fizzy drinks and crisp/chips company a while ago and saw a typo on a packet of crips. I told the VP in charge about it and his answer was: "You read the text on the packets?! Get a life.."

It never got corrected...


2009-11-16, 12:35
Can someone clarify this: have warranties on logitech Squeezebox products gone from 2 years parts and labor to 1 year only parts? There is a discrepancy between logitechsqueezebox.com and logitech.com. I do not think logitech is aware of this and perhaps the one year warranty is in error. Clarification is needed. Thanks.

2009-11-17, 10:04
Thanks for pointing this out, it's an error on the Web Page.

The warranty is 2 years.

I'll file a bug and have the pages fixed to reflect the proper warranty period.

2009-11-17, 17:53
Thank you for clarifying this and for filing a bug to correct this. One reason I purchase Logitech products (other than the fact that I believe the Squeezes are superior) is the warranty of 2 years parts and labor is superior too. That type of warranty indicates that Logitech also believes in their products too and will stand behind their products.

It seemed to me that the Squeeze Radio for $149 was not that great a discount if the warranty had cheapened considerably to 1 year hardware only. I would have rather paid $199 with the 2 year parts and labor warranty any day. Now I might get another radio too. I will look forward to seeing it in writing on the webpage.

Thanks Mr. Richardson for clarifying this. It makes me respect Logitech even more.