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2009-11-04, 08:13
I have just started to use my new radio. I use the 'listen again' functionality of the iPlayer plugin to listen to BBC Radio 4 programmes.

When I use my boom I can navigate through all the available programmes and press 'right' to get more information about that programme which I found REALLY useful.

However, there is no equivalent functionality on the radio. I can press and hold the pushbutton knob but that doesn't give me the 'Artist' info that I am after. If I use the knob when actually listening to the programme the 'Artist' info IS then available, but it is too late by then I like to see it before I choose what to play like I can on the Boom & Classic.

Does anyone know if this is a Radio issue or an iPlayer issue?


2009-11-04, 08:16
Try "+" and then look at More Info in the context menu.

2009-11-04, 08:48
Try "+" and then look at More Info in the context menu.

When I am scrolling through the list of programmes and press (+) or press & hold the knob I don't get a 'More Info' item on the contect menu.

If I press (+) or press & hold the knob when the programme is actually playing I do get a 'More Info' item as well as an additional 'Artist' item that contains the data I am looking for.

So are you seeing the 'More Info' and 'Artist' items on the context menu in the programme list AND the now playing screen?

2009-11-04, 09:00
It looks like the "more info" on Squeezeplay is not working. I'm pretty sure it used to work in 7.4 betas. Need to check bug list to see if it has been noted already.

2009-11-04, 09:23
I couldn't find an existing bug so created a new one:


Vote if you're affected!

2009-11-04, 09:57
I'll correct myself - it's more of a server issue:


2012-03-31, 23:15
Can somebody explain me how I can put the BBC i-player on my squeezebox? I really like the programmes of BBC radio, especially Radio 4.


2012-04-01, 01:12
The BBC iPlayer plugin and Applet are 3rd party so for future support request you'l get the best response if you post in the 3rd party forums especially on the iPlayer threads.

You can use a plugin for all SB player types but it needs a local LMS or if you have a SB Radio or Touch you can use the applet.

If you are using a local LMS - to install the plugin go to WebUI Settings/Advanced/Plugins and check the "BBC iPlayer" plugin and then click Apply. A "BBC iPlayer" menu should then appear under "Internet Radio" or "My Apps".

If you want to install the Applet then on the SB Radio / Touch - Under App Gallery menu - go to last menu "3rd Party App" and then select "BBC Radio " . A new menu "BBC Radio" will appear under "My Apps".