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2009-11-03, 13:59
Please accept my apologies to anyone who has suffered long delays lately after contacting Logitech Support via e-mail. We've been going through some transitions within our support organization and have run into unexpected problems resulting in a poor customer experience.

See this note from Pat Brubeck, our VP of WorldwIde Quality and Customer Care...

What is Going On? – An Insider’s View

As many of you have noticed, we've been having some real challenges providing our normal levels of customer service during the past few weeks. We've had unexpectedly long call-waiting times, as well as issues with both the availability and the response time of our e-mail system. We have also been experiencing some startup issues with our new Customer Care Web site.

As a Logitech customer, this is not the support experience you deserve. As the vice president of Customer Care, I want to personally apologize for our recent poor service.

How did we get here? As we continued to grow and add more product lines, it became clear that we had to make some fundamental changes in our Customer Care operations. This decision required us to develop new processes, implement new systems and to engage with new partners. Unfortunately, as recent events have demonstrated, this transition has not been as seamless as we had hoped.

We understand how frustrating this is, but we need to ask for your continued patience. We know there are still issues with call times, e-mail responses and the new Web site. We are working around the clock to add support capacity and resolve the remaining technical issues as fast as we can.

Pat Brubeck
Vice President,
WorldwIde Quality and Customer Care

We are working diligently to correct these issues and return to the response times that our customers expect.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

2009-11-25, 15:06
it does take it's time indeed, but they do it at some stage (got DOA Duet in logitech shop - 4 weeks until I got new).
The only problem is the country they picked to have their call center in - no-one speaks (proper) english.
It is just another one of those stories where decent customer service has been outsourced due to cost and now everyone has to endure it (just left my bank of 20Y because they did the same thing) I hope I dont have to deal with this new Logitech customer support too much.