View Full Version : Rhapsody and Napster web remote frustration...

2009-11-03, 09:36
I believe this started when the website was redesigned recently, but when you want to play an entire album with these services via the website remote control, the squeezebox refuses to do so. So you are stuck with playing individual tracks that will repeat themselves. I could make a playlist, however I believe that option is moot because most of the time when you play an individual track with these services, it will play the wrong track, it is usually one track above or below that it confuses it with, but sometimes it's way off. So you can add a track to your favorites and it will have the wrong name, or it will be the right name, but it's not the track that you added to your favorites.

It's a complete cluster you know what, why in the world haven't they fixed this yet!?! Who would pay a monthly fee for this crap?!? They must have noticed their sales being way down??


2009-11-03, 14:29
I agree it's frustrating but at least the remote or controller will allow you to start play so you are not totally down. I prefer to use the Rhapsody or Napster clients to search for music and create playlists, faster easier to use than mysb.com.

2009-11-04, 03:13
Good tip, but I'm overseas, and so I don't think they work here... Lucky that the music even plays through the squeezebox overseas...