View Full Version : Version 0.6 of AlienBBC released

Jules Taplin
2004-07-15, 04:40
Hey folks.

For your consideration: Version 0.6 of AlienBBC.

For the two of you who aren't already bored stupid with my release announcements, AlienBBC is a SlimServer plugin for browsing and playing the BBC Radio live streams and 'listen again' archives. Grab it, and never be without your weekly fix of 'I'm sorry I haven't a clue' again ;)

New in this version - further stability fixes - by re-syncing the code with Peter Heslin's underlying 'AlienStream' (the code that most of this is based on).

Secondly, it _MIGHT_ now work to play multiple streams to multiple squeezeboxes without falling over it's own feet. I haven't finished testing this yet - mostly because my broadband connection is so unreliable that at any given time I can't establish whether a hang is my fault, or whether the data just went away. However... you can certainly browse independantly now, and I don't see any major reason why it won't work.

So... try it... you might just like it ;)

AlienBBC is available, as ever, from: http://www.mrtickle.org

Cheers folks. As ever - bug reports et al are much appreciated.

Best Regards,


2004-07-16, 02:28
Hey Jules,

I for one await your releases of AlienBBC with great anticipation, keep
them coming :)

Just this minute listening to Andy Kershaw with v.6. Good to see buffer
loading progrees on the display.

Any other plans or ideas for this?

regards Waldy