View Full Version : update firmware without remote

2009-11-03, 00:33
I have a Squeezebox Classic and would like to upgrade the server but
my remote recently broke and I cannot press the "brightness" button like requested for the associated firmware update. Does anyone know of a plugin or command line script to emulate the remote control or at least tell it to go ahead and update? I do not have any other IR remotes to use so I would like to avoid those solutions.

2009-11-03, 05:22
There is a way to setup the SB3 to Auto Update (no remote needed) but ironically this requires a remote to select this setting.
Any chance of borrowing a JVC DVD player remote one time to do so?
Or borrowing a universal remote with a JVC DVD code input?
Other than that I think you are out of luck.

Another option is to crack open your SB3 remote and look for a loose solder connection at the "eye" emitter, a very common and simple fix.