View Full Version : the new software remote control for mysqueezebox.com is not working properly

2009-11-02, 19:56
Going through favorites, shoutcast, and rhapsody, the new software remote control which is part of the mysqueezebox.com internet service is not working properly for a lot of its functions. I am surprised that over a month since release, there are still several problems with it.

Does anyone have an estimated date when it should be functional 100%?

In the meantime, since the old player worked fine, can that be reinstated pending usefulness of the new remote?

I pay money each month for rhapsody, and I assume a portion of that is kept by logitech. That being the case, I would like the ability to play albums in rhapsody from the software remote control, because I can't do it now. It is not functional in the software remote control. Yes, I can do it from the hardware remote, yes I can do it with ipeng on my ipod touch, but I can't do it with the new software remote control as part of the new mysqueezebox.com.

Please fix this.

2009-11-05, 12:09
anyone ?

2009-11-05, 14:03
The new remote control on mysqueezebox.com is a piece of crap. They've acknowledged it and are completely redesigning it. How it got released in its current form is anyone's guess, but with the way things have been going lately, no big surprise.

2009-11-05, 14:40
Yep, terrible design. Big step backwards.