View Full Version : Problem with Napster - 'can't open file'

2009-11-02, 13:40
I'd be grateful if anyone could help me - I have just got a SB Duet, all OK except that when I try and play any track on Napster, I get an error message: 'Problem - can't open file'. Any ideas? I have subscribed to Napster, but have I missed something in the set-up? Thanks

2009-11-02, 13:53
If you haven't done so already:
- create & register a free account at www.MySqueezeBox.com
- enter that login info onto SBS > Settings > MySqueezeBox
- from your computer log in to MySB UI, install the Napster App, enter your Napster login info

Now you should be able to stream Napster from your Duet using your local SBS server or directly connecting your player to MySB.com (no computer needed).

2009-11-02, 14:34
Thanks for that, Toby. I think I've already done all of that, but I will double check to be sure. I can see tracks on Napster, but when I try to play them, I get that 'Problem - can't open file' message.

2009-11-02, 15:54
Have you tried with a variety of tracks, including some of the ones they promote as new releases or "recommended"? I have sometimes come across some tracks in the Napster library that can't be played via SB or even the web-based Napster player -- and found that they are tracks that can only be purchased from Napster, not streamed on the subscription service. This is a small minority of tracks, but if you happen to be only trying, say, George Harrison, you'll be stuck with the "can't open file".

Mark W
2009-11-07, 07:07
Hi Welwyn- Did you ever figure this out? I signed up for Napster today and am seeing the same thing. I can play a song via the Napster web app, but when I try to play the same song through the squeezebox I get the "can't open file message" on the Duet controller and unresponsiveness on the web interface...


Mark W
2009-11-07, 10:44
I found that the Napster plugin wasn't active in squeezebox server... now all is well.

2009-11-08, 03:17
Thanks everyone - I went back to basics and checked / reinstalled just about everything, and, hey presto, it's working fine now. Thanks for your replies and help.