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2009-11-02, 10:32
get a playlist or view for all albums with 'MFSL' in their title? I'd like to be able to see all my MSFL albums sorted by artist on my IPeng IPhone.

No need to randomize anything, just show me the relevant albums.

Can anyone explain how to achieve this?


2009-11-02, 10:48
On iPeng: To get a "View" go to More > Search and search for MFSL


2009-11-02, 10:51
Edit: forget my comment, ModelCitizen's suggestion is the way to go.

2009-11-02, 11:02
Hihi, yes that was obvious. Let me elaborate a little.

Earlier in ITunes, I used to have some playlists to narrow down my collection. One was the 'Audiophile' selection, with a rule like: Album contains 'MFSL' or 'DCC' or 'SBM' etc.

Another was a view on CD's for which I yet had to enter the year/date. The formula was 'year = ""' or something.

So I had some autoplaylists in ITunes I could maintain very easily. Now I moved away from the Mac and ITunes and like to have a similar functionality. And not by searching each time.

Enter the Dynamic Playlist plugin & SQL playlist I thought. But that was very much focused on generating randomly tracks from or more albums. Could't fit it to my needs.

Hope this helps a little.

Thanks, Ralph