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2009-11-01, 12:25
I'm having connectivity issues between receiver and server today after a new os install (ubuntu 8.4 lts). I tried contacting customer support and received connectivity issues there too! Every second word was missing in our conversation making communication impossible. I tried on a home phone and a cell phone with the same result. Then I tried from another phone (land line) in another location and it's the same result. So the support line for me is useless, which is very frustrating. I'm in vancouver bc btw...

2009-11-03, 16:59
This might be the explanation:

Have you looked at the following wiki pages to see if there is something that will help you ?

If those doesn't help post more details and one of the forum members might be able to help you until the support is up and working again.

2009-11-03, 17:05
Thanks. I managed to resolve the connectivity issue on my own with a bit of persistence. I had to get the controller to do a factory reset, which proved tricky in this case, but once it reset I was in business.

The phone issue with support was completely weird. I was impressed that I got a real human on the line on a Saturday, but was frustrated because neither of us could make out half of what the other was saying. Having tried this on multiple phones, carriers, and locations and getting the same result each time leads me to the conclusion that the fault lay with logitech.

Anyway, thanks for weighing in...

2009-11-03, 19:18
I've waited over 1 week now to get some sort of answer to my dead SB... even with the explanation they posted, one week is obnoxious.