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Ken Hokugo
2004-07-13, 21:44

I understand. My next question is, how Slimserver software "picks" those
info? Does it "see" the folder the file is in? Or does WAV file own those
"fields" (-> this is the reason of my previous question "how to edit this CD
info?") and Slimserver reads them? Or, does the name of the WAV file says
it all? Or, from the CUE file generated by EAC?

Sorry for many questions. Curious mind wants to know...


>>Whatever you feel comfortable with, and it will vary with your
My preference is to have top level directory as genre,
then performer/group then album, but classical stuff goes
sub-genre (opera/symphony), then composer, then maybe title of work,
then performer, although different categories have different structures.
I think in the end I will use symbolic links to create extra browse
so I can find by composer, etc. Classical stuff is badly served, since
there was
no concept of composer in the MP3 version 1 ID flags. So lots of cases
suggest using
the artist field for the composer, and now even with V2 ID flags,
the databases might still be incorrect.

You can run the Softsqueeze java program (it comes in the slimserver
installation) to get an approximate feel for what the squeezebox is like
to operate. I find its sound quality is poor at the moment but you get a
fairly good approximation of the controls and music navigation.