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2004-07-13, 17:50
What exactly do you mean by running two computers to one slimp3? An easier
way to get music from both machines to the slimp3 would be to simply run
slimserver on ONE PC and then map the music share from the 2nd PC onto the
first one.

Tell us what it is you want to accomplish and I'm sure we can figure
something out.

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I just got my slimp3 player! I hunted around for a cooler-looking old

My questions:

1. Can I have multiple computers running slimserver and search through both
computers playlists simultameously? The slimp3 only sees one computer at a
time as far as I can tell.

2. Is there any easy way to search the archive so I don't ask questions that
have already been answered?

3. What are these "nightlies" I keep reading about?

Thanks a bunch!

Now if only my amp will come in.....