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2009-10-31, 09:39
I've had my SqueezeBox for a while and am usually pleased with it. I have two boxes, and the server is configured to serve two rooms in my apartment, and it's always set to be synchronized so that both rooms play simultaneously. However one thing that drives me insane is that from time to time they get out of sync. What happens is that I'll start playing a song, and it takes a long time to start (maybe 10 seconds?), and then one player will start, and then 2 seconds later the other player will start, so they're not synchronized. I used to reboot my server to work around it, but I recent found that stopping and starting the server also fixes it. My OS is Vista and I'm running the latest SqueezeCenter version, even though this problem has been around since I got the system (though it seems to be getting more frequent). Is this a known issue?


2009-10-31, 09:53
I had the same issue, and ultimately determined it was network driven. I had a mix of hard-wired, wireless, and powerline connections, including a powerline "hop" from the router to my PC. It was an occasional problem that became unmanageable when I upgraded to 7.3.x

I eliminated all the powerline connections and moved the PC next to the router, along with my main SB3 and a SBR. I still have two SB3s using WiFi, but both have very strong (>90%) signal strength. Since I adopted this setup several months ago I've had no problems with players getting out-of-sync, rebuffering, etc.

2009-10-31, 10:03
Several people have problems with sync:


Feel free to vote for the above bug.

2009-10-31, 11:07
Thanks for the responses. My connection is pretty straight forward; both my receivers are wireless, and one is sitting right next to the router. My receiver in my living room is in an adjacent room to the router so it's hard to think that it would be having issues communicating, though I suppose it's possible. Is there a way you determined you had 90% receiver connectivity?

2009-10-31, 11:27
SC/SBS > Settings > Information

Each of your players should be listed giving Signal Strength for each.

2009-11-02, 01:30
It reminded me this: https://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=10634

2009-11-04, 19:37
You say that your setup is "straightforward", but one thing I didn't see mentioned is the connection to your server. Is it hardwired to the router, or is that another wireless hop? The one thing I did that I think made the most difference was moving my PC to a place I could make a direct ethernet connection to my router.