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2009-10-30, 14:27
Hello all. Just got my new Squeezebox radio Wednesday. Like it but dont understand how to save favorites. I did like the Guide , I printed out. said to do " press the "more" button" No option there to "save to favorites" I used shoutcast urls for example These work fine for my linksys playerunit.

Wednesday I downloaded the softwear and entered bunch of urls to my favorite TALK stations. Duh nothing there, "empty" under "favorites" on my actual radio.
Now Im not new to internet radio . I have 3 Linksys older units. Never had much trouble with them. Easy to add favorites and listen, with their server I add and edit and etc my "added stations"
NOW DO I have to be "online" to make my favorites work????
I dont want to be on line to do so. That the point of my buying the radio period.
I only use Ethernet cables. Hve in all rooms of house
Can wait for the REMOTE to be available so i can "mute" etc, like I so easily do with my Linksys.
Son will someone explain?????
Thank you

2009-10-31, 03:29
I suspect your Radio is actually connected to the free online Logitech server www.MySqueezeBox.com, not connected to your local computer server (the one you downloaded) called SqueezeBox Server (SBS) which is where you seem to have saved your Favorites.

With your local SBS server running, from Radio go to My Music, this should offer to switch Radio to your local computer where your Favorites are located (I think).

2009-11-01, 20:47
it only works when my computer is on. I want to access favorites WITHOUT computer on. Why is it so hard????.My old unit no problem.
Thank you

2009-11-02, 04:02
With your computer off dial the Radio to Internet Radio > Local then play a station, does it play properly.
Radio may ask you to "connect to MySqueezeBox.com".

You are now on the online server, no computer needed. Log your computer onto www.MySqueezeBox.com, go to Player, you should see your Radio listed.
Now create your Favorites and install Apps as desired on this interface, not on your local server computer.

I presume you already created a free www.MySqueezeBox.com account? Registered the account via email? Entered you account info onto your local computer server SBS > MySqueezeBox?

2009-11-03, 23:38
When playing a radio station and hitting Plus button I see no option to add to favorites.
I see remove from playlist (by the way I see no playlist either)
More Info
On Pandora
On Rhapsody

That is it.

Any help would be welcome.

2009-11-04, 02:45
Choose a radio station, you want to ad to the favorites.
Now push and hold the big button.
Here you can ad it.

To remove it, play the station, and push again the big button.

2009-11-04, 04:29
jwp12: I'm guessing you are connecting your Radio to the online MySB.com site for playback, and currently the Add to Favorites is not functioning from the Now Playing screen (using knob or +).

You can add it by using the Back button on Radio, see your last selected station highlighted, now push knob or +, Add to Favorites is now listed.

2009-11-04, 09:53
Okay b finally I did something right. Dont know what. But I can add to favorites when I push the "more" button before I actual play the station. But still I havent figured out how to add all my old favorites that I have the url of. will keep trying

2009-11-04, 12:52
Okay b finally I did something right. Dont know what. But I can add to favorites when I push the "more" button before I actual play the station. But still I havent figured out how to add all my old favorites that I have the url of. will keep trying
At present there are two sets of favorites, the favorites stored on Squeezebox Server (SBS) running on your local PC and the favorites stored on www.mysqueezebox.com, which is the "server in the cloud". At some point it will be possible to synchronize these favorites, but at present they are independent of one another.

Since you want to access favorites without your computer being on, mysqueezebox.com is the place to go. Create a user account if you haven't already done so. Then login to mysqueezebox.com and click on the Favorites tab. There is your list of favorites. You can paste an old URL into the URL box at the top of that page, and put a useful name for it in the Title box. Then click the Add button, and repeat for the rest of your old URLs. You can re-order the favorites via drag-and-drop.

When you're done making your favorites list you can turn off your computer, connect your SB Radio to mysqueezebox.com, and access the Favorites list you just created.

2009-11-05, 15:13
Hl I spent hours copying and pasting urls to favorites. Thought they would be there but they are not. I even pushed big knob and added that way ,while playing. Course I was on that library connected to computer. Duh..... Wasted hours. I am fuming.

I used a shoutcast Url of .

So now I log into my squeezebox.com and type in Url under favorite. tab It show all the favorites I clicked and typed with the big knob. Saving to Favorites. I Clicked "add"...... nothing is happening. What am I doing wrong.?? It not showing up anywhere. Do I have to log out or what??? Dang this is hard.
Is there a MAXimum NUMBER of favorites ???
I am so upset, confused etc.
Thank you for listening

2009-11-05, 15:24
I'm sure you're frustrated, but I find it pretty much impossible to understand exactly what you have done, so there's not much I can offer in the way of advice. If you slow down and describe more carefully what you are doing (connected to which server, filling in which fields, clicking which buttons, etc.) it may be possible to provide some help. And rather then spending hours doing something before finding out that you're not connected to the server you thought you were, try testing out a few at a time to see if it works the way you expect.

2009-11-05, 15:32
I thought I explained. Can you reread my post I edited it I am logged into squeezebox.com. Uner "favorites" tab. Nothing is happening when I put in the shoutcast URL. then when I click "ADD" nothing. It only shows my Favorites I added yesterday while they were playing. Like I asked is there a MAXIMUM number of favorites we can save?????
Thank you

2009-11-05, 15:54
I'm not aware of a maximum but I wouldn't be surprised if the web interface for managing favorites does have a maximum. It would help to know how many you have in the list now. I just tried adding that URL to the favorites on MySB and it added it to the bottom of the list. I have about 90 stations on my MySB favorites list. What OS and browser are you using?

I did notice that if I tried to add a lot in quick succession that sometimes it wouldn't add the station. Thinking about your maximum concerns gave me the idea of deleting a station. After that I could add a new one, but then I could add several, so it doesn't seem to be an issue of maximum entries, at least not in my test.

2009-11-05, 16:39
Are you adding how ???? Now. the only way I could save and play on my radio was thru going into showcast from my actual radio and doing a search. Adding it by pushing "'more" button and adding to favorites that way

2009-11-05, 16:50
I added it just the way you described in posts #10 and #12 of this thread:
1. login to mysqueezebox.com
2. select Favorites tab
3. under "Add Favorite" put a name in the Title box (I used "test")
4. paste URL in the URL box (I copied the URL you gave directly from your post -
5. click the "Add" button
6. look at the bottom of the Favorites list et Voila! it's there

2009-11-05, 17:38
I tried over and over .even tried a 2nd url for the same program.......no go
Now I did have it in my favorites earlier. When tried playing. It said not found. So I removed it. The options were "from playlist" Not remove from favorites.
Now I cant find it on my favoites on my actual squeezebox radio. nor can I find it under "search" in the "shoutcast" application. when I "push" to "type" in the big knob to spell out "gcn"
wow hi is a pain in the ######. LOL

2009-11-06, 05:13
I think I see what jeanwedding is describing. On MySB I enter his URL into Add Favorite and click the ADD button.

Results are it does get added to my list of Favorites on the Favorites management screen, however:
- station not listed in Remote Control > Favorites
- station not viewable as a Favorite from Radio or Boom
- after pressing ADD the title & URL fields do not go blank again for further additions, so it looks like the station was not "added"

Same URL plays fine in SBS. I'm guessing there is some bug causing a disconnect between Favorites and Control Panel (and the players themselves).

Jeanwedding: It is possible your URL's added to Favorites will work when they fix this. I'd sit still (not add any more) till that happens. :)

2009-11-14, 13:42
Only way I can add favorites is find them on "search" on shoutcast or Internet radio "search". I click the "more button" before I play it and add it that way. Some I have added on shoutcast didnt "take" , said something about an error in playlist. Had to redo those.

2009-11-15, 01:35
I had the same experience trying to add favorites directly to the list on mysqueezebox.com. But I discovered that there is an easier way to add them than by "typing" them in on the radio (which is a real pain).

From the menu bar at the top of the page on mysqueezebox.com click on <Remote Control>. A new browser window will open with a menu similar to the one on your radio. Click on <Internet Radio>. At the bottom of the new menu is a <Search> box. Type in just the name of the station that you want (not the URL) and one or more stations will be listed. Each station will have a + and a little heart next to its name. Click on the little heart and it will be added to your Favorites list. If your Favorites page is open in your browser you won't see it added, but if you tell your browser to reload the page. Hey presto! It will appear on the list.

I am so glad you asked this question, because helped me to figure this out and is much easier than what I was doing before. (I'm afraid the documentation on this lovely radio is sorely lacking.) Hope this works for you.

2009-11-17, 20:02
wow this ought to be a Sticky .....
course I need to get off my laptop and sew some of my thousand projects
Thank you