View Full Version : Force switch to squeezebox server

2009-10-30, 11:34
I've just purchased a radio. I understand that it is supposed to manage switching between mysqueezebox.com and sb server automatically. However, this doesn't seem to work very well. In particular if I've been listening to the radio via msb.com and then turn on my mac (so making sbserver available on my network) and select "my music" it just comes up with message saying I need to install sb server on my network. Sometimes if I select BBC Iplayer it will give me the option to change to sbserver but it all seems a bit erratic. It would be much easier if there was a menu option to just select the server. Is there a menu option to do this? I couldn't find one (I know there is a menu option to go from the server to mysb.com but not the other way it seems).


2009-10-30, 11:43
You can place a menu option to do this on the Home menu by using Setting > Home Menu and selecting 'Switch Library'. My guess, though, is that you may not have any more luck with it, as it seems your player isn't seeing the local server when you enter 'My Music'. Are you allowing it enough time to start up and become available?

2009-10-30, 11:54
Thanks. I've set up the "Switch Library" menu option and this works fine.

As I said selecting some menu options that require sb server like BBC Iplayer does offer a switch to the server. Even selecting My Music does sometimes but not always! I have been allowing time for the server to become available (it is available to my SB3 and Boom on the same network).

But if the switch library option works I'm not too bothered (although it would be nice if automatic switching worked properly!)