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John Hunt
2004-07-13, 10:23
Still been running since 11th with no problems other than the front-end
losing the play list at one point, closing and re-opening it seemed to fix

John M Hunt




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I realised I was using the 3Com adaptor rather than the NVIDIA (the
motherboard has 1 of each built-in) so I've switched them over as the
manufacturers drivers are quite old whereas the NVIDIA is newer. Having said
that, running the server as a service overnight with no front-end has caused
no problems, the player is still playing the list I gave it and it was on
the 3com until this morning.

My PC Is running a new (1 week old) 3000 XP Athlon with new fan, in a case
with 8 other fans and the CPU temperature is 42.1C and the PSU is a 1 week
old 500W.

I'll try splitting the music library.

John M Hunt



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> Zonealarm is closed when I run slimserver. Two or 3 others have reported

> similar problems, it's unlikely we all have hardware problems. I updated

> the

What makes you say that? Once upon a time this same thing happened, and it

turned out to be caused by an Intel NIC where the XP driver was enabling

an option that made things break. That wasn't Slimserver's fault and there

was nothing Slim Devices could do to detect or prevent it until it

happened. I repeat, perl has no hardware access. For your machine to

crash, the OS has to do something wrong or the hardware has to fail. It is

possible for perl to make your machine become temporarily unresponsive by

requesting lots of memory or recursively looping, which is why I suggested

that you start splitting your library and looking for corrupt files and

tags. It is also possible that the extra load of recursive looping is

causing your hardware problem to get bad enough to cause the crash -- this

is in fact highly likely if your machine's power supply is too small or

your CPU is overheating.

> drivers and tried again, not even a song played all the way through. No

> network problems if I don't run Slim Server - certainly tells me

> something!


If I leave a piece of meat out in the back forty for a few days, it

develops maggots. This tells me that maggots spontaneously form in rotting

meat, correct? Lots of smart people used to think so, until someone

thought to try letting meat rot in a sealed jar. You've got to think

holistically when troubleshooting computers, cause and effect observation

are useless unless you're tracking all the causes.


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