View Full Version : Just got the boom and now I want the radio too - question

2009-10-29, 23:43
I *almost* wanted to return the boom but then I thought maybe I just need both :) I really like the idea of a battery (assumed the boom would have one). My main question is if I have the radio, too, can I just plug it in, run through the setup and then have one server on my computer and have the same thing play on both? I don't want 2 separate servers - I just want it to be simple. Also, will they play in sync? Just wondering in case I have them in 2 rooms not far apart.


2009-10-30, 00:46
yes, the Radio and Boom are both full members of the Squeezebox family, you can stick as many as you want (of any Squeezebox devices) in your house and run them all from the same server, let them all play something different or the same (Sync Mode), control all of them from the Duet Remote etc. etc. etc.

P.S. When I say "as many as you want" - that obviously depends how powerful your server is, but you should be fine with one in every room and one for the Garden in an avarage 4 bed. I am running 1 Radio, 2 Receivers, 1 Squeezebox2 and one Transporter with an 'old' Dell D430 Laptop sitting in the attic - no issues so far.