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2009-10-29, 15:05
I was thinking of buying a SB Radio, but I'm starting to be concerned that I won't be able to listen to any of the BBCstations live - is this the case?

Reason for asking is that I have upgraded server to 7.4.1 and installed Squeezeplay Beta on my PC and can't get the BBC stations to play. I've tried installing the iPlayer plug in and can listen to the recorded programmes, but nothing live.

I want to use the radio as an alarm with BBC as the waking channel, is this possible am I worrying about nothing?



2009-10-29, 15:33
The BBC live stations are available on WMA streams for both UK and non UK users. These stations can be played natively on SB3, Boom, Transporter, SB Radio and Touch so there is no need for a server to be running.

The BBCiPlayer plugin is used for BBC Listen Again and to get the better quality Flash/AAC streams which are not supported natively on the players.

I think the soft players such as Squeezeplay on PC cannot play WMA natively and so need server support. This support is standard on Windows based servers but has to be added for Linux, OSX and many NAS based servers.

So there is no problem playing BBC live stations on SB players.

When using an internet station as an alarm sometime network connections are not made for various reasons and so depending on station and network there is a possibility that the station will not play and the alarm backup should be used instead.

2009-10-30, 01:11
Thank you - that's just what I needed to know.