View Full Version : Radio frustrations

2009-10-29, 07:47
At the moment my Radio is only showing Now Playing, My Music and Settings.

Nothing else, no Internet Radio, no My Apps, etc.

Diagnostics reports

mysqueezebox.com at Ping and TCP ok and the Radio is registered.

I would suspect a failed sever at mysqueezebox.com,except that when I pointed my SB2 to mysqueezebox.com it played fine. But I suppose that just because the two go through the same router that does not mean that they connect to the same machine at mysqueezebox.com.

In addition, the Radio will currently not connect to my local Squeezebox Server. This happened before, and when restarting the computer, resetting the Radio to factory setting did not work, I ultimately got connectivity back by restoring my machine from a bootable backup of a day or so earlier. Here the Ping and TCP report Not Connected. I don't think it can be a firewall issue, as my SB2 connects fine to my local SBS. The fact that an earlier backup restored connection my SBS does suggest a software issue on my computer, but I have no idea what it can be.

I have the Radio wired, but have tried both a wired and wireless connection, and both have the problem.

I am using Mac OS 10.6.2.