View Full Version : Flac Attack

John Quirk
2004-07-13, 03:22
More FLAC info,
Strangely (to me) the flac file I've cut now shows up in my database as the
name of track 2. When I play it, I see flac.exe start up in task manager
(win2k3) and the album starts playing from the beginning. I cannot skip
through tracks, I get the "cannot find file for..." error when I try and the
album starts again from the beginning. I also think my PIII 450 isn't quite
up to the task.

Anyone able to advise why the .cue aspect of this doesn't seem to work? My
main motivation for flac is more to do with gapless stuff for live and mix
albums than anything else, but either way I suspect a new PC might be in
order. The computer runs a web, mail & ftp server, as well as slimserver,
homeseer, some xAP slim stuff, caller ID, etc. Works great for MP3, but
transcoding is a little beyond it methinks.

Still can't get M4A files to play.