View Full Version : Some Radiostations are not playing when connected to fresh installed server

2009-10-29, 02:22
Hi guys

hope you can help me with my following problem:
Yesterday I installed a new (7.4.1) SB-Server and some radiostations stopped playing. The strange thing is: if I connect to my 'old' 7.4.1 SB-Server everythings works like a charm.

So something in the new server-install seems to prevent the playing of some radio-stations.

Server 'old': Debian Lenny on Linkstation LS-CHL, 7.4.1 Debian-Image installed
Server 'new': Ubuntu on SheevaPlug, 7.4.1 Debian-Image installed.

I'm currently streaming to the receiver, I switch servers with the Controller with 'Choose Library' under 'My Music'.

Some other notable things:
- when connected to the new server the menu under 'internet radio' shows 'RADIO_TIME_LOCAL' instead of 'Lokal' like on the old server.
- when connected to the new server, the streaminfos show 'M3U', when connected to the old server we have 'Windows Media'

The serverlog shows the following error

[09-10-29 10:21:38.1320] Slim::Networking::IO::Select::__ANON__ (146) Error: Select task failed calling Slim::Networking::Async::HTTP::_http_read_body: Error in tempfile() using ./XXXXXXXXXX: Parent directory (./) is not writable
at /usr/share/perl5/Slim/Utils/Scanner/Remote.pm line 662
; fh=Slim::Networking::Async::Socket::HTTP=GLOB(0x36 7bb58)

Don't know if that is related ?

2009-10-31, 14:04
It was a file permissions problem, SqueezeboxServer couldn't create files in /tmp.