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Simon Turner
2004-07-13, 01:47
I know nothing about the m Audio DAC (even what it costs). Sorry.
However, I use a Perpetual Technologies P3A DAC.
It works perfectly with the Squeezebox (locks on instantly every time) and
always has. I have never experienced any of the issues others on this list
have had. The sound is brilliant, extremely detailed and revealing and
knocks the spots off my Naim CDX CD Player, which just sounds sort of dull
in comparison.

I got mine unused from eBay for 415. One has sold recently for 370 or so.
New price was v.nearly 800 UK (but they are not produced anymore as
Perpetual Technologies went bust).

Currently there is one on eBay with 5 days to go, bidding has reached 205.


Hopefully the link will work.
Google for reviews if interested.

Simon Turner
Brighton UK

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> Hi
> I'm looking to invest in an m audio superDAC for my squeezebox to
> listen to
> radio streams & play flacs. ANyone had experience of this device, pro's
> cons etc
> regards Waldy