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Jeff Flowerday
2009-10-28, 20:06
So here's my dilemma.

I have an open incident. Waiting for a replacement battery, was told 2-4 business days. it's now going on 4 weeks.

1) I continually try to contact support, each time I'm on hold for near an hour, I have a cell phone only and don't want to waste my air time, so I'm forced to hang up.

2) I finally email support with my incident number and it auto replies telling me my email address doesn't match the incident.

3) I try to update my online profile with my email address as they requested in the reply email, but I don't know my password.

4) I try to get it to send me my password for my email address, and it then procedes to tell my account is invalid.

At what point do you just fire you dead Duet against the wall and just give up? Man this is frustrating!!!

2009-10-29, 08:02
I wish I had an answer for you - but I too have a dead SB and am waiting for some sign of life from Support.

Truly awful from a group I'd had a good deal of faith in previously.

2009-10-29, 12:21
Same here with a dead transporter. Reached support over phone today, they told me to take the tp to my dealer...