View Full Version : Squeezeplay question

2009-10-28, 18:22
While I've had a Squeezebox for several years to play my music collection, I've never been much of a internet radio listener. With the new server software I've paid a bit more attention to it this time around.

As a result I thought it would be nice to listen to internet radio at work so I installed the current 7.4 Squeezeplay nightly yesterday. I did not install Squeezeboxserver since I had no music collection to play at work.

Interestingly, Squeezeplay played MP3 streams quite nicely (but not WMA ones) but then quit working after about an hour. Now, the internet radio option does not even appear as a menu item. Our work system does not have ports 9000 and 3484 open, but that was true when I first installed Squeezeplay when it worked.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times (and also tried the 7.5 nightly) with no change.

Any suggestions?