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2009-10-28, 12:22

Had my duet and 3 receivers now for a couple of weeks and am really enjoying having access to all my music in three rooms.

Setup is as follows:
Squeezebox Server 7.4.1 - r28947 @ Tue Oct 20 08:13:15 PDT 2009 running on Windows Home Server
3xSqueezebox Receivers Firmware 65
1xDuet 7.4.1 r7915
1x iphone with ipeng 1.2

I have encountered a strange 'quirk' with the duet controller when playing a track from a multiple artist album (such as a mix album) when selected via the artist:

My Music>Artists>Select Artist>Select Album>Track 6(or 5, 4 3 etc) - track played is always Track 1 and is invariably a different artist!

If I select the album instead then it works as I think it should:

My Music>Artist>Album>Track 6 - track 6 is played

Has anyone else come across this and do you believe this is normal behaviour or a bug?

I should mention that when using ipeng it plays the selected track regardless of taking the artist or album route.

Other than this it all appears to work as it should - even down to suspend and WOL :)

Please let me know what you think.

2009-10-28, 13:56
Hi all,

Answered my own question with a little searching.

Bugs 10449 and 12867 apply.

10449 was reported in December last year but does not appear to be fixed as yet.

2009-10-28, 14:21

I also just got 2 x Duets a few weeks ago.

I believe I had similar problem (never found the bug you mentioned though) - but I believe I solved the problem by changing one setting under Settings->My Music->Compilations->Group Compilations together.

Not totally sure whether this did the trick because I remember I was changing quite a few settings in the begining. But, I suggest giving it a try.


2009-10-28, 15:02
If you choose any song from a compilation a press 'play' then yes, it does this. However, on 7.4.1 at least, if you press '+', then choose 'Play' it plays the correct track. Which makes me think it can't be *that* hard a bug to fix ;-)

2009-10-28, 15:47
Thanks nportalski your suggested work around works!

Thanks jaaen for your suggestion - I prefer to be able to see all tracks by an artist so will leave this setting alone for now.