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2004-07-12, 20:13
I put some Flac files on my server and could view them with Browse Folders,
but not play them. The problem was solved with a total rescan of the
database. So I suggest you try the Wipe Cache option and see if that solves

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Does the flac file appear at all? If there's no sign of it, then
there's probably an issue with scanning. Can you find it using "Browse
music folder"? If, on the other hand, slimserver is treating it like
one really big song, then the issue is more likely with the cue sheet.
Possibly the "FILE" line is pointing to the wrong place?
I'm not a windows person, so I can't speak to the location of the
..exes, but someone on this list can probably help from that angle.


"John Quirk" <john (AT) quirkshop (DOT) co.uk> writes:
> Hi guys,
> I decided to give different formats to MP3 a go on my slims and single
> squeezebox. I ripped an album to a single .flac and a .cue file. I can't
> play it though, and I can't browse the various songs from the .cue, but
> are in it. The slim displays "can't find file" error. I also cannot play
> files. I have flac.exe, mov123.exe and lame.exe in the
> MSWin32-x86-multi-thread folder (I'm on Win2k3 server).
> A little help please.
> Thanks
> John