View Full Version : PC Problem - won't suspend/sleep anymore

2009-10-28, 04:50
This is not directly Squeezebox related, but it is my main server i'm having trouble. I was hoping you guys could help because i have hit a wall now.

I used WOL with my Squeezebox's and, bar the odd bug now and again during beta tests, it's pretty much been flawless. I have set my PC (Vista64 sp2) to sleep (S3) after 15 min's of inactivity.

But now my PC will never try to go into sleep mode. I have removed everything else from the network to eliminate any rouge WOL magic packets. I did not think that was a problem anyway, because if i manually sleep the PC it stays asleep. I have experienced problems before with my Squeezebox sending WOL packets when they should not and when that happened the PC would sleep then get woken straight away, which is not the case here - the PC never enters sleep mode to begin with.

I have also looked at what programs and services run at startup. I can see nothing obvious, but might have missed something. I have also removed as much as possible.

Whats left to try? I have checked systems power settings, and nothing has changed anyway. Any idea what to do next are very welcome!