View Full Version : Crown CE2000 to drive multiple speakers?

2009-10-27, 10:45
I'm doing a new audio setup in my new old house and have installed speakers in six rooms that I'll be controlling through a Niles SLC-6. I'd also like to control the power on the amp through PowerControlCenter. So I'm looking for an low-priced solution to an amplifier that can drive up to six pairs of 8 ohm speakers through the Niles. Looking around on local sites I found a Crown CE2000 for just $250. At 440 Watts per channel and with a hard toggle power switch rather than a momentary it seems to be a good solution for my needs but this is actually a pro audio rack-mount amp so I'm wondering if it's overkill. Does anyone have experience with this unit or does anyone have other recommendations for a reliable amp big enough to drive a whole house-full of speakers for not too much money?