View Full Version : SoftSqueeze doesn't play well

2009-10-27, 10:07
I am using SoftSqueeze 3.8 with Squeezebox Server 7.4.1. When I jump to a given time in a track (using the time command of the CLI), I find that there is often a delay of a few seconds before the play time actually changes. I have also seen playback freeze and once playback started looping on a buffer. Also, I have some tracks that never end. Playback stops, of course, but the mode never changes from play. I think that these problems never occurred with older versions of SoftSqueeze and Slimserver Am I using compatible versions of the two programs? I have read that SqueezePlay is going to replace SoftSqueeze, but I don't see how to download it. If I wanted to try the previous version of SoftSqueeze, where would I find it? I suspect SoftSqueeze because I never see these problems when I use a Squeezebox.

Edit: I found SoftSqueeze 3.7. Both versions do the same thing. I also noticed that I am getting a warning from SoftSqueeze whenever I jump the time:

audioDecoder did not write (0) the same number of bytes as read (nnnnn)