View Full Version : Giving up and sending it back

2004-07-12, 12:05
Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone.

Yesterday I switched the screensaver to date/time instead of "now playing" and it ran for 5 hours. I switched back to "Now playing" and it lasted 10 minutes.

I also later downloaded "MP3-library" (can't find the URL now!) whcih claims to be able to fix some mp3 problems. It found two empty mp3 files, and 30 with problems it, which it fixed for me.

I'll try playing music for a while to test it now.. but it'll take me several days to get a feel for whether it's fixed, I think.

Even if the problem is with my files, I still say that Slimserver should NOT cause the operating system to hang. I should be able to tidily close down the process.