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Paul Trunley
2004-07-12, 09:33
Not sure about flac (I don't use it), but one little gotcha I encountered with .m4a was that Quicktime must be installed on the server.


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Subject: [slim] Flac attack

Hi guys,
I decided to give different formats to MP3 a go on my slims and single
squeezebox. I ripped an album to a single .flac and a .cue file. I can't
play it though, and I can't browse the various songs from the .cue, but they
are in it. The slim displays "can't find file" error. I also cannot play M4A
files. I have flac.exe, mov123.exe and lame.exe in the
MSWin32-x86-multi-thread folder (I'm on Win2k3 server).

A little help please.