View Full Version : "Cannot request non-http url" messages ?

2009-10-26, 02:18

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Quite often when I try to get the details list up for a track (MP3Tunes, via MySB.com), by holding the centre button on Duet Controller, I get "Cannot request non-http url".

What's this mean ? Could it be related to the blank entries on the playlist ?



2010-01-17, 00:21
I receive the same message when opening almost any Favorite saved. I'm usually saving them from iPeng or the remote.

Why do Favorites seem so broken suddenly? This all used to work - seems an upgrade broke it.

2011-10-06, 20:06
I've been getting the message when pressing the "+" a.k.a. 'more info' button while playing Pandora. Anyone got a fix for this?

2011-10-06, 20:50
Well, it seems I managed to fix this problem somehow. I tried two things so I'm not exactly sure which one fixed the problem for me. Anyway, here's what I did:

1. I re-entered my MySqueezebox.com account password in my local Squeezebox Server settings.

2. I switched my player from my local Squeezebox Server to MySqueezebox.com and then back to my local Squeezebox Server.

After this the "+" button worked again in Pandora.