View Full Version : Can a third-party plugin live under 'My Apps'?

2009-10-25, 20:25
Previously the plugin I wrote lived under 'Music Services'. I put it there because that is where the MP3Tunes plugin was and my plugin provides effectively the same functionality. With that menu's conversion to 'My Apps' in 7.4 the ability to access my plugin disappeared. It's still there and happily running if you access its URL directly but it has vanished from the menu. Is it possible for third-party plugins to be installed under the 'My Apps' menu or should they go elsewhere? If I'm not mistaken there are a couple places where this may need to change. Specifically what should be put into <playerMenu> in install.xml and the 'menu' parameter of initPlugin(), and/or any other place it might need to be changed. Is the short answer to move it under the 'Internet Radio' menu? Thanks for your help.