View Full Version : Connections for Touch to HT / Receiver

2009-10-25, 17:18

I know the DACS in the new Touch will hopefully be very good and the following questions will be kind of not 'needed'...lol

I am assuming I can connect the Audio out, using the R/L Audio RCA outputs to my Onkyo 805 receiver, ie to the amp and this will allow me to 'hear' what the new DAC sounds like.


I can take the digital or optical out to the digital or optical input in the receiver and hear what the DACS in the Onkyo 805 sound like.


Thirdly I could buy an external DAC and try this via the digital outs of the Touch.

Am I missing anything?

Thanks In Advance

2009-10-25, 19:25
Am I missing anything?Nope. Sounds like you pretty much nailed it. :)