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John Hunt
2004-07-11, 12:19
Zonealarm is closed when I run slimserver. Two or 3 others have reported
similar problems, it's unlikely we all have hardware problems. I updated the
drivers and tried again, not even a song played all the way through. No
network problems if I don't run Slim Server - certainly tells me something!

Can I stream using MusicMatch JB? It has a stream to uPnP option but the
squeezebox just looks for the SS. The help files for MM are terrible.

John M Hunt

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> stack or something similar if this is what's happening.

Perl has no direct hardware access capability. There are two possiblities:

ZoneAlarm is shutting down your network entirely in some sort of panic mode.

The hardware is failing. Hardware-level lockups of the type you describe
are either hardware failure or a bad driver, and even in Windows there are
few drivers with enough access to completely kill the OS -- generally,
it's only video drivers.

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