View Full Version : 7.4.1 iTunes importer wrongly appending "/Music" to music folder path

2009-10-25, 12:30
I'm running Squeezebox Server 7.4.1 on my ReadyNAS Duo and have opted for using the iTunes plugin for importing my song/playlist info. When I launch a scan of my music, it finds no artists/songs/etc. I cranked up the logging level to debug for the iTunes plugin and found that the song file path resolver that it uses is injecting an extra "/Music" into my song file paths as it converts the iTunes XML file to use my specified music folder.

The folder on my ReadyNAS that contains the MP3s (and the folder I specify in the iTunes plugin settings) is /c/stuff/Music/Tunage (I have other non-iTunes, non-Squeezebox music files under /c/stuff/Music, thus the sub-folder for the actual songs).

I manage my tunage via iTunes 9.0.1 on my Mac laptop (OSX 10.5.8) and tell iTunes to organize the files for me and to use /Stuff/iTunesMedia as the iTunes Media folder location. I went with the option to have iTunes break up the music, movies, podcast, etc into different subdirs of the iTunes Media folder so that I wouldn't have to filter out the non-music files when I backup to the NAS. I backup the iTunes XML file to a certain folder on my ReadyNAS (and set the iTunes plugin XML path to this file's ReadyNAS path) and the songs on the Mac (folder /Stuff/iTunesMedia/Music) to /c/stuff/Music/Tunage on the NAS.

The Squeezebox Server scanner log file shows it resolving the original song paths in the XML file from /Stuff/iTunesMedia/Music/[artist]/[album]/[song].mp3 to /c/stuff/Music/Tunage/Music/[artist]/[album]/[song].mp3 instead of its actual path of /c/stuff/Music/Tunage/[artist]/[album]/[song].mp3.

I've managed to make it all work by ssh'ing into the ReadyNAS and creating a symlink of /c/stuff/Music/Music that points to /c/stuff/Music/Tunage, but it's ugly having two folders for the same thing showing up on the share when you view it from other computers such as my Mac's Finder. I tried to find where in the Squeezebox Server code it is adding that "/Music" to the song paths, but I gave up after a while figuring I'd rather spend the effort here letting others know this is happening.

Is there a more elegant way around this? Is this a bug or a feature? If the latter, I can only guess that they are assuming that you are to specify the iTunes Media folder location instead of the music folder location in the iTunes plugin settings page. But that is problematic in that iTunes Media is in iTunes 9 so iTunes 8 and earlier wouldn't work here, plus in iTunes 9 it is only an option, not a required configuration.