View Full Version : How do I do a hard reset of the radio?

2009-10-25, 08:26
The SBS and the radio are no longer synced, tried everything, but nothing seems to work, I would like to set up from scratch. I will delete the server and start with a reset radio, just like it was out of the box.

I tried the factory reset, but the plugins that I installed still apear on that list, even though they are not on the SBS list, is there another reset process to clean out everything?

2009-10-25, 12:14
SB Radio Hard Reset =
- power off Radio
- press & hold “+” button
- power ON Radio
- continue holding “+” till you see "Factory Settings Restored"
- wait till Radio completely reboots on it’s own

2009-10-25, 13:25
but it retains some of the settings. For example it remembers which app I installed (Pandora, Last.fm, etc) and which ones I show on the home screen. There has to be a way to do a clean format.

2009-10-25, 14:07
The apps you installed are remembered by MySqueezebox.com I think ?

2009-10-26, 04:14
Yes, Apps are reloaded from MySB which is nice and the whole point of having them online.
Unfortunately they do not have player settings and menu customization saved on SBS yet like their previous players.
There may be a different reset procedure than the two you tried, but I'm not aware of any others.