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John Hunt
2004-07-11, 07:50
I notice when it crashes, I lose my internet connection through the main PC
where the music is. It started crashing again today, when it goes, the sever
thinks the player is still there but with only one song on the playlist and
nothing will re-start the internet connection - I can't even see the router
from IE.

It's crashed 3 times after 2-3 songs. If I reboot the PC there and then, it
is ok, if I restart SS, it just hangs, never quite getting to the browser
screen. If I click CANCEL, it offers to shut SS as well, saying yes has no
effect, it looks like it's closed down but both are there in Task Manager,
both hanging on in there when you try and stop them. The PC will not shut
down when this happens. I think it must be corrupting some low-level TCP/IP
stack or something similar if this is what's happening.

John M Hunt




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"easier" is in the eye of the beholder. If you've never used linux then I'd
suggest that it's not easy to install, configure, and use a linux server. I
have been considering it, as a way to teach myself linux, but I don't have a
spare machine to use, and don't at the moment want to buy one. Maybe I will
if I have the time.

As for stability, my work XP machine hasn't crashed in 18 months, though I
turn it off at weekends. So, I'm astonished at Slimserver which forces me to
turn the machine off every hour or two.. I've never come across another
program that does that.

I first thought my XP problem happened when the wireless signal strength
dropped, but I don't think that's the case. The problem seems worse when I
use a large music folder (1500 songs rather than 20, though it's crashed
with a 20 song folder). Perhaps I have some corrupt files, although crashes
aren't associated with particular tracks. I note that some of my mp3s are
recorded on the squeezxebox as 3 or 4 times their real length, and time
passes at 3 or 4 times the normal rate as they play, although they sound ok.



First this is certainly not a fix for any bugs that might be in the XP

However have you considered running a dedicated machine for the
SlimServer, and running Linux on it? Having a dedicated machine is
usually a good idea because you do not want the slimserver interfering
with your main workstation and you do not want disruptions on the main
workstation interfering with the slimserver. Also the slimserver does
not need to be a speed demon. I am using an old Athlon 900 mhz to
server out 3000 songs in FLAC format, and I do transcode to mp3 for my

As for using linux on for it. Couple of reasons,
1. Perl works better on linux. ActivePerl for windows is nice, but it
just does not compare to how perl runs on linux.
2. It is easier to keep a liunx box stable than a windows box (note I
said easier, which does not mean it is "always more stable"). I have
had Linux boxes running without reboot for more than 300 days, and
usually then only got rebooted for a kernel patch or I moved.
3. Linux is much easier to strip to a very low overhead system.

Again if there is a bug with the XP version the above is not to say the
fix is to use the linux version. The XP version should be fixed. Just
saying that for any type of "server" I would not use XP as the machine
running the server.

John Hunt wrote:
> After a week of playing with the Slim Server settings, watching my
> computer grinding to a halt, having to constantly reset the Slim Box
> I've decided it's going back. It's a great concept but I don't have the
> time to strip windows down to the bare bones, remove all electrical
> devices nearby or whatever it takes to have both the computer and slim
> server talk to each other for more than a few songs.
> I've only had one day where it didn't crash the computer completely.
> Sorry, it ran for a day or two then I closed it and when I tried to
> restart it, it hung so I hit cancel, and tried again and ended up with
> two copies of slim.exe running and one of slimserver.exe, all 3
> impervious to CTRL-ALT-DEL, when this happens (quite regularly) the
> computer won't even shut down, I have to hit reset or pull the power.
> I reckon I've spent 12 hours or so far this week on a plug and play
> device and it's still not working.