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2009-10-24, 16:19
Hi all,

Looking for tips on how best to organise playlists.

I am a Napster subscriber so use it pretty heavily along with my local collection.

I am a bit confused about having Favorites and Playlists and what is the best way of organising my playlists. I want to avoid massive lists of playlists but I see the playlist feature doesn't support showing folders of lists, just a single list. Is Favorites of much use for Playlists?

I also see I can save a playlist of Napster songs into my main playlist area, is it better to use this than the playlist feature inside Napster itself?

There are many options, let me know how you organise...

2009-10-25, 05:06
I'm also a Napster subscriber, but I don't have a gazillion playlists (either Napster or SBS). I use favorites exclusively for internet radio stations, and playlists for my playlists. I suppose if I had more playlists (I currently have around 25-30) I *might* find the folder structure of favorites advantageous for managing playlists, but I don't know.

Re Napster playlists vs. SBS playlists, one of the big advantages of keeping your playlists on SBS is that it allows you combine local tracks and Napster tracks in the same playlist. Perfect for when you want to put together a playlist and don't own that one special track (or two dozen special tracks) to make the playlist 'just right'. You can only do that on a Napster playlist if Napster has all of your local tracks that you want to include in *their* library, which often isn't the case for me. Of course, if you stop subscribing to Napster those playlists become broken, although I think all that would happen is that they would skip over the Napster tracks if they can't access them, same as if your internet connection happened to be down.

I'm not saying this arrangement is the best for you, or even necessarily the optimal for me, but just letting you know how I organize....

2009-10-30, 23:36
Thanks matey. I think the issues I also have are that handling playlists in the web interface is clunky and that Napster, unbelievably, doesn't let you search for an artist AND a track at the same time.

What would be great is if Moose or some other Windows client would allow you to both search Napster and handle playlists more intuitively.

I have come from using Spotify on the PC to using Squeezeboxes and the only real disappointment is how much harder it is to quickly put together a nice playlist from Napster.