View Full Version : Annoying Wake-on-lan behavior

2009-10-24, 11:03
Just last night, my new Radio (of 2) wouldn't let my SBS stay hibernated.

My server is Windows XP and it is running yesterday's 7.4.2 (r7915).
The PC would wake up every minute or so, until I finally switched the
new Radio to mysqueezebox.com (which fixed the problem).

My new Radio was "off", the playlist cleared, and no alarms were
pending. I don't think I have any unusual settings on the new Radio
and no plugins installed. My only Apps are Pandora and Internet

Interestingly, my other radio had the same behavior, but it stopped
doing it (so I thought it might be fixed in one of the updates).

Both radios are identically configured, but the "older" one was
just fine with my hibernating PC (it let my PC sleep all night).

As a side note, the controller used to do this all the time and
I had hoped that this behavior was gone for good.

Anyone else seeing this? I love the WOL ability, but not when it
does this.



2009-10-26, 08:51

I tried re-installing r7915 on the Radio that was causing problems and the WOL problem went away. I didn't change anything else. I am now able to leave my PC hibernating and both Radios connected to SBS.