View Full Version : Radio missing in "Choose Player" drop down on SBS

2009-10-24, 10:52
When I connect my Radios to mysqueezebox, I can no longer see them
in the "Choose Player" drop-down in SBS. The same is true for
ipeng. My Boom connected to mysqueezebox.com shows up just fine
as do my older SB3s.

Note: I'm running 7.4.2 and the Radios work just fine in mysqueezebox.com.

Any fix for this? Is there a bug? It would be nice to have this
working as it makes it easy to switch between SBS and mysqueezebox.com.


2009-10-24, 19:03
I have the same issue as mrthreeplates. My receiver and boom are available, but I cannot see my new Radios. I have 2 radios, neither is an option in SBS to select and control. All software has been updated.

To be honest I just got the Radios so I am not sure if this would have ever worked in previous version of SBS.

All other functionality appears to work.

Thanks for any help.

2009-10-24, 20:10
Since it isn't just me, and I'd like to see this feature, I've
filed a bug:


2009-10-24, 21:50
I filed a bug on this a long time ago, during Touch and Radio beta testing. Apparently it was never fully fixed, as the part about the web interface not being able to see players attached to mysb.com was never addressed.